Headline, 14 June 2009: BBC may face £130m licence fee cut

News that the BBC is likely to have its budget 'topsliced' in order to help out ailing independent tv channels should be greeted with derision and mass rioting in the streets.

This point has been made before, but it's worth making again, again and again. The BBC is in an entirely different business from other UK broadcasters.

The BBC's core business is to make high quality programmes for the viewers.

The core business of the 'commmercial' broadcasters is to deliver an audience (and their demographic details) to advertisers.

There are many crucial differences here and many points to be made, none of which are difficult to grasp unless, of course, you happen to be an idiot. Or a politician. Unfortunately, it seems to be more and more the case that those two words can be freely interchanged.