Britain's Got Talent.


Okay, let's re-name it: "Britain Has Talent (Possibly)". Or "Britain Has Talent, But You Won't Find It Here, Folks". Or... oh, I can't be bothered.

In fact, Diversity were really very good. I actually voted for them, even though I don't usually watch this sort of programme. (Truly. And I've never seen even a second of Big Brother, either). But honestly, could the rest of them really represent the UK in terms of talent? Dear God, I hope not. And not a comedian amongst them! Well, not intentionally, anyway.

Sure, they didn't use my music, but that's not why I'm dissing it. I'm dissing it because, clearly, the whole debacle was embarrassingly shitty and almost totally devoid of the one thing it was supposed to be showcasing.

Oh, and by the way, if you're not grown up enough to fuck up without crying, you're not grown up enough to compete. That's the real world for you.